India is an international medical travel destination for patients seeking world class treatment at competitive rates. Some of the most popular medical treatments in India are as follows.

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According to Medical Tourism Market Report 2015, India has been one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations.

  • The treatments are cost effective, also making the overall cost of the treatment economical.
  • High end technology is used in treating the patients.
  • Standard of treatments are at par with those of the developed countries.

The cost for each patient will vary depending on their need and requirements. For example, an elective procedure such as a knee replacement would cost on an average 40 - 60% less than the cost in other developed countries. It includes the hospital stay, entire procedure, physicians’ costs and transportation to and from India. This is possible because of currency exchange rates.


We will help you find the right doctor and the hospital based on your medical condition keeping in mind the cost.

Based on your latest medical condition and reports, we help you get an expert medical opinion from some of the best doctors in the country along with an estimate for the treatment.

We will book the appointments for you based on your arrival date and time.

We arrange for a direct phone call or video calling in case you wish to speak with the doctor.

Since we are based in India, we will take care of your ground assistance here. We will also visit you at the hospital and will be in touch with you throughout your stay in India.

We will direct you on getting Indian Medical Visa and planning your travel.

We also arrange for taxi services for airport and internal transfers.

In case of a follow-up stay, we will help you find a good hotel or a guest house near the hospital. Almost all the staff of hospitals understands and speaks English. If you do not understand English, a language interpreter can be arranged for you.

We can keep your family updated with your ongoing treatment or progress or your health condition by staying in touch with them over phone or email or video call.